• RealAmp

High quality DAC & headphone amplifier

Designed to reproduce stunning sound from computers, laptops, smartphones and other USB devices. With loads of power to boot!
Huge focus has been put on purist sound quality, noise isolation, output power and bit-perfect wireless streaming.

Superior audio reproduction

We have ensured no loss of quality occurs at each stage of the audio reproduction process.

Fully Isolated USB Port

We’ve employed data, ground and power isolation, with an internal lithium battery to completely isolate the DAC from the audio host and prevent noise contamination.

Internally Balanced Audio

The DAC is balanced to the amp, ensuring no noise is added to the signal before being sent to your lucky ears!

Anti-Pre Echo Filter

We have tackled the big age-old issue of digital audio sounding artificial by using the latest anti pre-echo filter technology.

Bit-Perfect Wireless Streaming

We’ve pushed the boundaries even further by adding proprietary lossless wireless streaming that doesn’t even require WiFi or Bluetooth.

Beautiful Design

Kuos believes that high end design is key to making an amazing product. There are too many mass produced boxes out there.


A choice of finishes to customise your RealAmp.

Local Manufacturing

Product assembly and electronics manufacturing are carried out locally.

High End Finish

We house our electronics in beautiful design using high end materials.

Technical Specifications

Decoding: 384KHz/32-bit (96KHz/24-bit isolated)

SNR: 114DB

Output power: 1.5 Watts



Output impedance: near-zero

Wireless: Lossless I²S bit-perfect up to 48KHz / 24-bit

DAC filter: Low Latency 8x Oversampling: 3.5tS